Master online dating and Swipe Right to Red-Hot Romance in 90 days or less!
If a life-long relationship is what you’re looking for, I can show you how to get online and find your man without wasting time or getting stuck on what to say!
Dear Sister,
If you know what you want in a man, the fastest way to find him is through online dating. Seriously.
When you can weed out the time-wasters by simply looking at their profiles, you instantly make the process way easier.
And when you finally get good at catchng a man’s interest and keeping it, you totally eliminate the fear, worry, and frustration you feel about not only finding the right man, but also getting him to ask you out!
Imagine you could wave a magic wand and instantly grab and keep the attention of a man you’re interested in without doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or desperate.
Imagine you could basically read his mind, subtly get him interested in you, YES for your personality, and compel him to feel that he has to meet you in person.
How would having that super-power transform your dating game . . . and your life?
Guess what? This isn’t a fantasy. It can be your reality when you learn the science of online dating in…
Swipe Right: Red Hot Romance in 9 Weeks
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This is a LIVE (in real-time) program taught personally by me! 
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The truth is, though, this is not for everyone. You have to be willing to put down your negative opinion of online dating.
Love is a two-way street. You’ve got to step into the ring. He can’t ask you out if he doesn’t know you exist!
I’m going to show you the science behind virtual attraction, the best ways to filter out the wrong men and subtle tips for making your profile irresistible to the men you want to chat with!
Here are just a few of the things you will learn in Swipe Right:
  • How to make initial contact — I know that you would rather just post your profile and hope that he sees it, but it doesn’t always work that way. When you see a profile or get a match that looks right for you, sometimes that first move is the scariest. What should I say? Is it ok if he knows that I looked at his profile? Or maybe you don’t know WHAT to think. Swipe Right helps you masterfully initiate communication without looking desperate or too forward.
  • The “Generator Strategy" that walks you through the 5 stages of online courting - Yes, just like in real life, there is a code of conduct for online dating. Obviously, you don’t just send one message and then meet for drinks, but what IS the right way to go about things? Plus, there is always the question of how long you should wait to message, or text, or call before you help him move the process along or jump ship. You’ll be handed the guidebook for exactly how to navigate the virtual timeline so that you get the results you want and avoid awkward confusion.
  • Conversations that connect! Honesty and vulnerability—We’ve all witnessed TMI in real life, but it gets really tricky deciding what is and isn’t TMI when you’re online. Remember that, sometimes, it feels like you are just talking to yourself or the other person doesn’t seem completely real, so you may find yourself revealing things that you wouldn’t normally in a face-to-face conversation with a virtual stranger! In Swipe Right, I’ll teach you how to be smart, safe, and savvy while sharing just the right amount…enough to keep him wanting more!
Any ONE of these benefits is invaluable when you’re looking for your soulmate. All of them combined is a fast-track to love.
And that’s not all.
Remember, I used every single one of these strategies to land a date with the man who became my husband! I am going to share with you the
Insider Secrets for Using Online Dating as Your Personal Matchmaker.
Take advantage of a special savings of $400 off
enter promo code: SR2020 (all caps) and then click "Apply Coupon" at checkout!
This is a LIVE (in real-time) program taught personally by me! 
Time-sensitive offer!
Imagine if you discovered a secret set of instructions that, if followed, could get you over the hump and into feeling comfortable about MEETING MEN ONLINE, GETTING THEIR ATTENTION, AND KEEPING IT.
That is precisely what Swipe Right helps you do. This is going to put your online dating system on autopilot, showing you EXACTLY what you need to do to filter your results and attract only quality men. No more wasted time on men who can’t or won’t commit. No more mismatched dates with men who aren’t your equal!
No matter your hesitation when it comes to internet romance, Swipe Right will banish those fears and show you the correct way to do it!
Here is just a fraction of what we will cover in this course:
Module #1: Fanning the Fire – Arousing Curiosity
(Profiles - Photos – Presence)
Here, you’ll learn how to create a profile that has men stopping in their tracks and instantly trying to connect with you. From your picture to the information you include, there is a definite method to grabbing their attention and getting them interested WITHOUT sharing too much skin or too many secrets!
Choosing the right site, staying safe, and filtering out the wrong men are a must for you to be successful in the online dating realm. You don’t want to make the mistakes that so many women make that waste time and, sometimes, put them in danger.
discerning woman creating her dating profile
Module #2: Sizzling Sass - How to get your flirt on
Even if you haven’t dated in decades, with Swipe Right, you’ll learn the art of flirting online from ice breakers to setting him up to ask you to meet in person. You’ll discover how to overcome that fear of rejection so you can harness your feminine energy and say just the right thing.
Communication takes on a whole new level when you start online. You have to know the process to get from an email to a text or phone call and eventually to a real life meeting without getting confused or hung up on why it’s taking so long. PLUS, you don’t want to make the mistake of letting him handle the entire process and let yourself wait around for the ask. There is a definite way to let him still be “manly” and get exactly what you want: a date!
woman flirting online, glass of wine at her side
Module #3: Red Hot Romance – Keep the fire burning
You’ve made it! You found a man who deeply connects with you. You’ve met in person, maybe several times.
Now, you have to keep his interest.
This is where you learn about the relationship part of dating because it doesn’t stop with dinner. You have to deepen the connection and use your toolkit to keep him interested in you and the relationship. This takes confidence, self-acceptance, and so much more!
You don’t want to miss out on this key piece of the puzzle. Often a relationship can fizzle after the first few dates because we feel like we’ve gotten through the hard part and can relax a little. Don’t throw out all the precious time you’ve put into finding your soulmate by quitting in the middle of the game!
Learn exactly what to do and say to deepen the connection and move from meeting in person to canceling your profiles and exclusively dating!
couple flirting during a romantic date on the beach
The program includes:
Live training calls

9 LIVE Training calls (audio) with Jaki. Join Jaki for these invaluable training calls that include live Q & A coaching. Plus, replay and download these calls to keep forever as your cheat sheet for dating success.

Facebook group

Facebook group support for 9 weeks with Jaki and Dating Coaches. This bonus combines the support of the community with the savvy of Jaki’s highly skilled team of coaches who will answer your most pressing questions.

module worksheets

Module worksheets are included so you can work on what you’ve been learning and really flex your dating muscle when you’re ready to dive in.

PLUS, you’ll receive these Bonuses as soon as you register!
Swipe Right Workbook

The Swipe Right Workbook is yours as soon as you register! It includes 4 dating app profiles that you can model yours after so you really can’t fail!

Dating Mindset Audio Training with Jaki to get your inner game in line to conquer your biggest dating obstacles with ease.

•	Top 10 Dating Questions answered

How to Get A Man to Fall Into Your Lap –Jaki’s Leading Man Michael Sabourin peels back the curtain and gives you the inside scoop on what men want

•	Top 10 Dating Questions answered

The Secret to Reading a Man's Mind - eBook

Decode his words and behaviors so you know exactly what to do to get his attention!
•	Top 10 Dating Questions answered

Special Bonus - 

30-Minute Private Coaching Call with Jaki.  Usually reserved for private clients only - Jaki is so committed to helping you succeed she is offering this special bonus. 
Bonus How to Master Video Dating


Learn the secrets to make video dates fun and create instant connection!
Swipe Right is the Most Unique Solution to our Fears of Online Dating and Confusion about What to Do Next!
Take advantage of a special savings of $400 off
enter promo code: SR2020 (all caps) and then click "Apply Coupon" at checkout!
Join Swipe Right to find out exactly what you can start doing immediately to attract the attention of your ideal man!
Online dating is the best thing to happen to women over 40.
You’ve just got to know how to use it, leverage it and maximize its potential so it works like a filtering system and an attraction machine all rolled into one.
The possibilities are endless. Do not close the door on online dating. You’re missing out if you do.
The online dating platforms open up the WORLD to you. There are men who are looking for the same commitment you are looking for!
If you —
  • Feel like you’ve run through the pool of eligible men in your area
  • Loathe standing in bars, just hoping that the right man will be there at the same time as you
  • Are sick and tired of meaningless emails and want to play to win
  • Wonder what else could be out there waiting for you
  • Long to find your soulmate but have been nervous about getting online to do it
  • Haven’t dated in years because your busy or don’t see anyone worth dating
  • Want to create a long-lasting relationship with the right man, right now
Then Swipe Right is for you!
  • Learn how to design your profile so it targets the man you want to bring into your life.
  • Learn how to talk to him so he wants more . . . and definitely wants to meet in person, when the time is right.
  • Learn how to create a long-lasting relationship with a man who is worthy of you.
Join Swipe Right now, and see what you’ve been missing out on in the worldwide web!
The right man is already out there. And he’s waiting for you to post your profile.
Online dating is the electronic chord that connects your heart to his.
Are you ready to give this a shot and step into red-hot romance in 9 weeks or less?
You’re still reading…so I know you’re ready.
Take advantage of a special savings of $400 off
enter promo code: SR2020 (all caps) and then click "Apply Coupon" at checkout!
This is a LIVE (in real-time) program taught personally by me! 
Time-sensitive offer!
Jaki has projected me forward at a much faster rate than I could have ever done on my own. The work I have been doing in the program has gone much deeper and really helped me move forward quickly. I got engaged and married in 8 months!
~ Vicki Zakin

I made many mistakes along the way . Being widowed after 31 years the dating game has changed considerably . Having a dating coach..... Priceless. It’s official, we are exclusive!!! Thanks Jaki Sabourin and every coach and participant in the group! 
~ Tracy
I can’t thank Jaki and the team enough. I joined the program because I knew I was completely out of my comfort one with online dating. I’m a recent widow and the last time I dated (35 years ago) online dating didn’t’ exist. I was making every mistake in the book. Not only did Jaki and her teak help me navigate this new landscape but also helped me get out of sticky situations. I am shocked at how much fun I’m having and how quickly I met my guy. Thank you!
~ Victoria

Hundreds of women have participated in Engaged at Any Age programs and coaching with Certified Love Coaches.
So many of our clients have found their soulmates within months of this program. Watch the video to see what Engaged at Any Age graduates have to say about their success.
A little bit about Jaki...
Jaki Sabourin was voted “Best Female Relationship Expert” by her peers and is a Coach, Speaker, Author and CEO of Engaged at Any Age®, a Company that helps women Consciously Create the man of their dreams. Her wit and no-nonsense attitude has led to hundreds of clients meeting their ideal man. She married her Soulmate at 50. 

I had the WORST LUCK when it came to men. Now after working with Jaki, I'm engaged to Ed and my whole life has changed! March 31, 2019 
~ Heather Picken

Is this program a live program or a home study course?
The program is being offered live and I'm personally teaching this program, and this is your chance to receive live coaching with me for 9 weeks with me!  Typically, this is reserved for my private and exclusive Engaged at Any Age® program clients.  So register right away as this is a time sensitive offer.
I haven’t been on a date in years but thought online dating could help me find someone. Have I been out of it too long to jump right into this program?
Absolutely not! Swipe Right is for any woman who is serious about finding a man who can meet her where she is. A man who has his life together and is looking for a soulmate, just like you are. You don’t have to EVER have been on a date to join the program, as long as you have the dedication to finding love.
I’ve dated a lot of men who are just interested in me physically, and I’m sick of it. I want to connect with a man who has similar interests. Can Swipe Right help me do that?
Yes! As a savvy woman, you deserve to find a man who you can enjoy conversation and activities with. I’m glad that you haven’t settled and are still searching for a man who respects you and understands what you want. Swipe Right will help you set up a profile to attract that kind of man, learn the red flags for the men who are time wasters, and develop the skills necessary to keep the attention of the men who are right for you so you can find your soulmate.
What about those guys who just like to talk? I don’t want to be rude or emasculate them by saying, “Just take me on a date,” but come on! Can you teach me how to work around that?
That’s my specialty! I love helping women learn the subtle art of using their feminine energy to not only attract a man but also flirt and drop the right hints to get him to ask you out while also obeying the code of online courting. Trust me, it works like magic!
I hope that helps clear away any doubt you’ve had! You’ve been on my mind lately because I don’t want there to be any question about the right thing for you to do to get online and find your soulmate fast. If you want red hot love in your future, sooner rather than later!

But if you’ve just been debating till the last minute, I want you to know that the cart is closing really soon, and that last spot has your name on it. Don’t hold back!
Join Swipe Right now, and see what you’ve been missing out on in the worldwide web!
Take advantage of a special savings of $400 off
enter promo code: SR2020 (all caps) and then click "Apply Coupon" at checkout!
You deserve to find your soulmate NOW! Join me in the Swipe Right Program
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